Tracina Schrader, Psy.D.

About Dr. Schrader

Dr. Tracina Schrader is a registered psychological associate and an Army veteran who has trained in both clinical and health psychology. She identifies as an integrative therapist, borrowing from relational, psychodynamic, and cognitive behavioral approaches to craft the best possible treatment for each client. She deeply believes that our relationships with others, especially in early life, have shaped the people we become. She believes that her clients are the experts in their own lives, and she strives to collaborate with her clients to help them examine their past relationships and how they might currently be affecting their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Dr. Schrader's approach to therapy is rooted in the use of compassionate, empathetic evidence-based practices, and she strives to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for clients to explore their emotional landscape while determining the best ways to meet their goals.

Dr. Schrader specializes in unresolved childhood trauma, PTSD, LGBTQIA+, ADHD/neurodiverse clients, the military/veteran population, and women's issues, including postpartum depression. She also sees clients for depression, anxiety, and grief. No matter their difficulty, Dr. Schrader enjoys helping clients navigate difficult places in their lives through increased self-awareness, the development of healthy goals and patterns, and the cultivation of resilience.

Areas of Expertise and Treatment Modalities

Dr. Tracina Schrader


Dr. Schrader’s therapy treatment modalities include:


Dr. Schrader completed a masters and her doctorate in clinical psychology at California School of Professional Psychology/Alliant International University. She also completed an APA accredited internship in Health Psychology at Western Washington University.

Dr. Schrader is an unlicensed psychologist and pursuing licensure while under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Garrett (PSY33489), a clinical psychologist at the Rowan Center for Behavioral Medicine.