Brain Injury & Other Neurological Disorders

Brain injury can occur when an individual sustains either a blow to the head or a penetrating injury that disrupts the brain’s functioning. Other acquired brain injuries can be caused by infections, tumors, blood clots, strokes, seizures, metabolic disorders, or chronic neurological disorders (i.e., Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease). The severity of the injury may range from brief changes in consciousness to more extended periods of unconsciousness. The injury may result in short or long-term complications and impair independent functioning.

Our rehabilitation psychology services at the Rowan Center for Behavioral Medicine strive to assist individuals in improving his or her quality of life through advancing his or her health, maximizing productivity, and participating in life activities. Because these conditions are often associated with cognitive, mood, and/or behavioral problems, psychologists are able to help individuals overcome these difficulties with treatments that are geared toward minimizing disability and maximizing productivity. The services we offer include brief cognitive evaluations and regular and on-going follow-up visits with a psychologist who specializes in Rehabilitation Psychology. Treatments typically involve providing strategies, coaching, and support to improve functioning in the real world.

More specifically we offer the following treatments:

  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Cognitive rehabilitation
  • Individual therapy for cognitive and behavioral difficulties
  • Individual therapy for adjustment to disability and emotional difficulties
  • Family therapy and education
  • Skills-Based Training
  • Socialization skills

We also take every step possible to ensure that care is coordinated with an individual’s neurologist, psychiatrist, primary care physician, and other treating providers when appropriate. We strive to offer a holistic approach to treatment.


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