Meghan Beier, Ph.D., M.A.

About Dr. Beier

Dr. Meghan Beier is a Health and Rehabilitation Psychologist at the Rowan Center for Behavioral Medicine. She has a particular expertise in multiple sclerosis (MS), but also works with individuals living with neurologic disorders, chronic illnesses, disabilities, and rare medical conditions.

Dr. Beier has been featured in well-known publications such as the New York Times, People Magazine, and Psychology Today. She is an internationally invited keynote speaker and also an active consultant and speaker for organizations such as National MS Society, Can Do Multiple Sclerosis, and more. Dr. Beier’s research interests include neuropsychological outcomes for individuals living with MS; cognitive rehabilitation; and behavioral approaches to wellness.

Dr. Beier’s passion for improving care for people living with challenging medical conditions led her to create Find Empathy, which provides a free directory of mental health providers that specialize in working with medical populations. Find Empathy also provides continuing education for mental health professionals focused on how best to serve those living with or affected by life altering illnesses.

Areas of Expertise and Treatment Modalities

  • Multiple Sclerosis [MS]
  • Anxiety (generalized anxiety, social anxiety, health anxiety)
  • Depression
  • Insomnia and other sleep disturbances
  • Traumatic and acquired brain injury (eg. TBI, Parkinson’s, stroke, Multiple Sclerosis [MS])
  • Disability
  • Chronic illness and Adjustment to illness (eg. cancer, Cerebral Palsy [CP], and other medical conditions)
  • Vocational Challenges (e.g., requesting accommodations, applying for disability, medical retirement) 
  • Rare medical diagnoses (e.g., Stiff Person Syndrome, Rare Neuroimmune Disorders)
  • Memory disorders and cognitive impairment
  • Aging
  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Life Transitions and Adjustment
  • Grief and Loss


Dr. Beier’s therapy treatment modalities include:


Dr. Beier completed her PhD in Clinical Psychology, Health Emphasis, with a neuropsychology minor from Yeshiva University. Following her doctoral degree she completed the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Rehabilitation Research Fellowship at the University of Washington where she focused on the rehabilitation, cognition, and mental health of individuals living with MS.

Prior to joining Rowan Center, Dr. Beier held a faculty appointment at University of Washington the joined the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation faculty at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. While at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Beier started the Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation Research Program and established the Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation Psychology Clinic. Dr. Beier has an ongoing adjunct faculty position at Johns Hopkins in which she continues to publish and provide didactics on the topics of cognition and emotional health in medical populations.

Dr. Beier is licensed by the Board of Examiners of Psychologists in the state of Maryland and her license number is 05543.