Child, Adolescent & Family Therapy

Being a parent is challenging especially when your child is facing difficulties at home or in school. Working with a therapist can assist you in improving communication and provides guidance and techniques for managing the role of being a parent with greater confidence and support.

Therapists at the Rowan Center offer support designed to improve children’s ability to engage with family, friends and to be more successful in their academic endeavors. We have specialized training to help children develop better coping and problem-solving skills, which assist them in navigating their world for effectively. Whether there has been a significant life event that has contributed to your child’s challenges or if they have struggled with ongoing emotional or behavioral problems, therapy can be an effective way to help them feel better.

Our therapists can assist you and your family both in individual and family therapy based on your needs and the needs of your child. The Rowan Center staff will create individualized treatment plans that will address a range of concerns including:

   Fears and anxiety
   Grief and loss
   School problems
   Attentional problems in school
   Social skills training
   Sleep problems
   Stress management
   Behavioral problems (School, Home or Both)
   Decreased self-esteem
   Teasing, bullying or rejection
   Divorce or blended families
   Medical and health concerns
   Family problems with parents or siblings
   Parenting conflict
   Positive parenting