Mission, Vision, & Values


To provide an integrated healthcare experience utilizing evidence-based practices to help individuals improve their overall wellness and quality of life supported by a community of experts in both mental and physical health.


To maximize each individual’s ability to reach their full potential by transforming the healthcare experience.


Right to Thrive – We believe that every individual has the right to pursue well-being and reach for his or her maximum potential in life. We vow to provide care with the best skills and knowledge that we have to offer in order to help him or her reach that potential. 

Respect – We hold our patients in the highest regard for their unique contributions and consider their confidentiality to be of utmost importance. We work with other professionals to create positive relationships based on creativity, courtesy, and esteem. 

Scientific Excellence – We are committed to translating science into the development of services that promote the highest quality of life. We pledge to continually integrate scientific evidence and research into our services.

Efficiency We strive to provide services that have inherent relevance to each individual’s current life situation. We seek to work collaboratively with other providers to minimize healthcare burdens and maximize wellness outcomes. 

Accountability We take responsibility for the activities of our organization. We use performance management systems and quality improvement initiatives to provide the best quality of care to our patients. 

Social Responsibility – We believe it is our duty to ensure access to evidence-based treatments and a supportive, collaborative healthcare environment that promotes overall well-being.

“Our success resides in the trust our patients have in us. Thus every aspect of the Rowan Center for Behavioral Medicine strives to achieve the highest level of excellence.”

— Rowan Center for Behavioral Medicine Team


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