Humanistic Existential Therapy

Humanistic/existential therapy is focused on helping people make authentic, meaningful, and self-directed choices about how to live. We believe that therapy can provide the fertile ground to nurture growth in valued directions and that inherent in each individual is the wisdom to determine their path towards growth. We strive to create an environment that allows individuals the freedom and support to develop increased personal awareness from which stems the ability to realize one’s own potential.

Recent evidence has demonstrated the usefulness of the humanistic therapy approach in the treatment of depression (Elliot et al, 2013). Studies have also shown large gains that are maintained post-treatment when compared to patients who did not receive professional help for general psychological symptoms. Humanistic therapy is both clinically and statistically equivalent to other treatments (Angus et al, 2014).

The psychologists at the Rowan Center value a holistic perspective and integrated view of individuals and place this at the center of their practice.


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