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Cancer support services help patients manage the impact that cancer can have on a person’s emotional and physical well-being as well as their lifestyle and relationships. Having a psychologist who is trained in the treatment of oncology and hematology patients can be of great benefit to those looking for support related to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Many patients also find psychological support helpful as they transition from active treatment and continue on their survivorship journey.

Rowan Center for Behavioral Medicine offers a range of services that have been shown to reduce emotional distress including feelings of anxiety, sadness and anger. The licensed psychologists at Rowan Center work to increase stress management and improve coping skills in order to lessen feelings of helplessness and isolation. Patients are encouraged to understand their illness and treatments and to take active steps that will empower them to manage their health and wellness.

The psychologists at Rowan Center have specialized training and experience in helping oncology and hematology patients engage in health enhancing behaviors. We will create individualized treatment plans to help people decrease feelings of helplessness and isolation and improve the quality of their life in the face of cancer.


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