Mindfulness Meditation for Anxiety Group

The Rowan Center for Behavioral Medicine is offering a 12-week group to teach mindfulness skills to individuals struggling with anxiety. The group will focus on experiential exercises designed to teach mindfulness meditation, breathing retraining, and present-moment focus. Mindfulness has been shown to help people successfully cope with stress and difficult emotions and increase vitality in daily life.

Day and Time:
Mondays: 6:30 pm  – 7:30 pm

Led by:
Puja Chhabra, LCSW RYT LCS24159

The Rowan Center for Behavioral Medicine
500 East Olive Avenue, Suite 540
Burbank, CA 91501

$50 per session
Some insurance benefits may apply. Please inquire further.

Please call our Intake Coordinator at (818) 446-2522 or email in**@ro***********.com to schedule your free half hour screening.

Puja Chhabra is a licensed clinical social worker, specializing in psychodynamic, trauma informed and holistic approaches in working with individuals. She is a dedicated yoga teacher, committed to learning about the deep connections between the mind and the body. Puja believes that the combination of psychotherapy and yoga compliments one another and alleviates symptoms related to depression, anxiety and trauma. She specializes in supporting individuals in connecting to their sense of hope, in the midst of life’s stressors, transitions, and challenges. Puja’s unique therapeutic approach is based on reflecting on the past, understanding barriers to living in the present moment, and moving towards self compassion and acceptance. Puja is committed to sharing simple yet effective tools of mindfulness, body movement and meditative practices to enhance clinical work. Please feel free to call the Rowan Center for Behavioral Medicine for further information (818) 446-2522 or email


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