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As a woman who has personally struggled with infertility, I have a unique understanding of the turmoil that it causes.  I know that infertility can throw your entire life into a state of crisis, often disrupting relationships and causing immeasurable grief and doubt about the future. I also understand the anxiety and depression that often accompany a diagnosis of infertility. Furthermore, I am aware of the strain of having to face the emotions that accompany such a diagnosis at the same time as you are asked to make complex medical decisions. My personal experience with infertility and Advanced Reproductive Technology (ART) as well as my training and education as a clinical psychologist has helped me to develop methods to support individuals and couples as they move through this difficulty journey.

My work as a psychologist focuses on using well researched methods for helping people effectively cope as they identify and process the painful emotions that emerge during infertility treatment. Using a combination of cognitive behavioral and mindfulness interventions, I help individuals and couples develop skills to reduce the stress of infertility, process painful emotions and losses and communicate effectively with their partners and support system. As someone who believes in overall wellness, I foster collaboration with infertility doctors as well as adjunctive health care providers. Central to my treatment philosophy is the mind-body connection and I encourage the use of additional healing modalities such as acupuncture, yoga, meditation and nutrition.

Certainly no one wants to be diagnosed with infertility, but my goal is to help you achieve your highest level of health and wellness as you embark on your journey towards parenthood. If you feel that you may benefit from the support of a psychologist, please contact me at (818) XXX- XXXX. 

About Dr. Williams


Dr. Angela Williams is a licensed clinical psychologist, specializing in cognitive-behavioral and humanistic/existential approaches to therapy. She has extensive training in Brief Crisis Intervention, which she uses in the treatment of patients who are struggling with a wide range of difficulties, including infertility, bipolar and cancer. Her therapeutic style blends strength-based acceptance with practical skill development. Incorporating mindfulness-based interventions, she helps her patients move through difficult experiences and be more present in their lives. Learn more about Dr. Williams.

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