Infertility Landing Page

Therapy For Infertility and Pregnancy Loss

We get that infertility can throw your entire life into a state of crisis, often disrupting relationships, causing immeasurable grief and doubt about the future. We also understand that anxiety and depression often come with the diagnosis.

We have developed methods to support couples as they move through this difficulty journey.  Our work as therapists focuses on helping people identify and process the painful emotions that come up during infertility treatment as well as teaching our patients effective coping skills.

When we work with patients experiencing infertility here are a few things we focus on:

  • Processing losses
  • Using mindfulness to increase coping
  • Skills to achieve life balance
  • Help navigating medical system
  • Collaboration with infertility doctors and other providers

Our team is  focused on relieving suffering and enhancing the functioning of the patients that we treat.