The New Face in Burbank Healthcare

The Evolution of Healthcare Can Be Seen in New Burbank Psychology Practice

Los Angeles, CA - March 9, 2015 - The Rowan Center for Behavioral Medicine has developed an innovative practice that provides a seamless and integrated healthcare experience for their patients. In response to the changing face of healthcare, the founders of the Rowan Center for Behavioral Medicine developed a treatment model that places collaboration and communication amongst healthcare providers at its center. Integration of behavioral and physical health care has long been linked with improved health outcomes and recent public policy changes have facilitated increased cooperation among medical and behavioral health providers. The Affordable Care Act mandates that behavioral health benefits be made available to patients and mental health parity law prevents insurers from placing greater financial requirements on mental health care.

The Rowan Center for Behavioral Medicine emphasizes a collaborative healthcare experience and utilizes the latest evidence-based practices to help individuals improve their overall wellness and quality of life. Supported by a community of experts in both mental and physical health, the center was founded by three psychologists who have trained and practiced at some of the best hospitals and mental health centers in Los Angeles and Seattle. The founders hope to improve the effectiveness of traditional medical practices in order to help individuals as they face challenging medical situations, life transitions or are simply ready to reach their maximum potential.

"We are excited to be leading the charge in combining both psychology and medicine and its integration of the biological, behavioral, and psychological knowledge relevant to health and illness. We are making the latest, most supported and well-researched treatments available to those we serve and plan to continually monitor our progress and effectiveness, which will allow us to provide the best possible care to our patients,” said Dr. Narineh Hartoonian. 

Dr. Stephanie Davidson said, “My strong desire to find new and innovative ways to help those I serve has prompted me to partner with other professionals to found the Rowan Center for Behavioral Medicine with the goal of creating a restorative haven for our patients.”

Through the use of focused, well-researched psychological practices and the collaboration of multiple health and wellness professionals, the Rowan Center strives for efficient and effective treatment. They believe that the best approach to treatment includes 5 basic principles:

  • Personalized treatment

  • Measurable growth

  • Evidence-based services

  • Integrated approach

  • Targeted therapy

They provide state-of-the-art treatment for common psychological concerns such as depression, anxiety, stress-management, relationship problems, and phase-of-life issues. In addition, they specialize in health and rehabilitation psychology, which allows for the provision of services to patients with medical illnesses and disabilities.

Angela Williams, Psy.D.
Rowan Center for Behavioral Medicine
500 E. Olive Ave., Suite 540
Burbank, CA 91501