Anger management is a type of therapy designed to help individuals learn how to express anger in appropriate, rather than, destructive ways. Anger is a normal, healthy emotion that everyone experiences. The focus of anger management is not to eliminate anger, but rather to learn effective and healthy ways to manage it. Anger management helps people learn early signs of frustration so that steps can be taken to calm down and respond effectively. If you feel that you have problems with anger you may benefit from the help of a mental health professional.

The clinical psychologists at Rowan Center for Behavioral Medicine are equipped to provide you with anger management treatment. We will work with you to identify stressors, early signs of anger and thinking errors, as well as to develop assertive, non aggressive communication skills. Our evidence-based practice utilizes interventions drawn from cognitive behavioral, mindfulness based therapy, and humanistic and existential approaches. 

The psychologists at Rowan Center for Behavioral Medicine are experienced in helping patients who are struggling with anger management issues. We will help you cope more effectively with this powerful emotion in order to improve your quality of life and relationships. Our goal is to help you attain your highest level of health and wellness.