Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder can be a devastating roller-coaster that makes living a stable and balanced life difficult. We understand the toll that cycling through episodes of mania and depression can take on someones relationships and daily life. While in mania, you are likely to engage in behaviors that are self-destructive and unpredictable. When the manic phase ends you find you are confronted with the negative consequences of your behaviors. On the other end of the spectrum, depression makes functioning in daily life almost impossible. While receiving a diagnosis of bipolar disorder can be devastating, it does not mean that you cannot live a happy and productive life. 

As psychologists, we grasp the complex issues surrounding bipolar disorder and have the education and experience to help you achieve life balance and wellness. We utilize the latest evidence-based treatments to treat bipolar disorder including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and mindfulness-based interventions. 

In addition to psychotherapy, we believe that the mind-body connection is central to achieving overall wellness, and we foster collaboration with psychiatrists as well as adjunctive health care providers. We encourage clients to utilize additional healing modalities such as acupuncture, yoga, meditation and nutrition. You did not ask to be diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, but you can take steps to get the support you achieve your highest potential and wellness. 

Therapy at the Rowan Center can help you:

  • Understand your diagnosis
  • Define your wellness goals
  • Develop a holistic plan to achieve goals
  • Cope with stress
  • Identify triggers that may worsen your symptoms
  • Improve relationships with friends and family
  • Establish a well-balanced daily routine
  • Develop a plan for coping with crises
  • Use mindfulness skills to increase contact with the present moment
  • Develop skills to regulate emotions

The Team

Dr. Angela Williams is a licensed clinical psychologist, specializing in cognitive-behavioral and humanistic/existential approaches to therapy. She has extensive training in Brief Crisis Intervention, which she uses in the treatment of patients who are struggling with a wide range of difficulties, including infertility, bipolar and cancer. Her therapeutic style blends strength-based acceptance with practical skill development. Incorporating mindfulness-based interventions, she helps her patients move through difficult experiences and be more present in their lives. Learn more about Dr. Williams


Dr. Stephanie Davidson is a licensed, clinical health psychologist specializing in the use of cognitive-behavioral, humanistic and existential approaches to treat patients with a range of medical and mental health challenges. She has a strong interest in mindfulness-based interventions to heal the body and mind. Her focus is on collaboration with the goal of assisting patients in adjusting to difficult experiences and achieving a greater sense of well-being, balance and peace in their lives. Dr. Davidson also specialized in the treatment of oncology and hematology patients and their families while addressing challenges related to cancer diagnosis, treatment, survivorship and grief and loss.   Learn more about Dr. Davidson

Dr. Narineh Hartoonian is a licensed, clinical health and rehabilitation psychologist specializing in the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy. Dr. Hartoonian has a strong desire to support patients with a wide range of difficulties, including those who are struggling with depression, anxiety, adjustment to chronic medical condition and disability, and acute and chronic pain.  Her focus is on providing a supportive, safe and collaborative environment with the ultimate goal to improve the quality of life of her patients.  Learn more about Dr. Hartoonian



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